EZMotion - Z-Wave 3 in 1 Multi-Sensor

EZMotion - Z-Wave 3 in 1 Multi-Sensor
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The EZMotion is a 3-in-1 certified Z-Wave compatible product. It is a Z-Wave PIR motion detector and also includes a light sensor and temperature sensor compatible with Z-Wave contollers like Vera.

The EZMotion is primarily intended and supported as a motion sensor by all Z-Wave certified systems though it can also function as a temperature and light sensor when used with Vera! Use it to control Z-Wave devices directly or to trigger Vera automation events for whole house control of Z-Wave and non Z-Wave automation products. The EZMotion is battery powered and needs no wires to operate. EZMotion can be wall mounted or simply placed on any flat surface. Battery lifetime typically exceeds one year but depends on the operating modes programmed.

Motion Sensor: The sensitivity of the EZMotion motion sensor is fully adjustable, allowing pet owners to tweak the unit for best performance without false positives. The unit has a range of 30 feet and a sensor angle view of 90° (horizontal). For best performance, mount the unit flush against a wall at a height of 6-8 feet. It is not necessary to point the unit downward. An exposed side-mounted button allows for easy unit testing and setup and the default setup cycle (10 min's) provides users and installers plenty of time to configure the unit.

Illumination Sensor (Requires a controller like Vera): The illumination sensor of EZMotion can be programmed to work in tandem with Vera to ensure greater lighting accuracy under a wide variety of conditions. Use it to light rooms before 'sunset' on cloudy or overcast days. Use it to prevent 'on' commands when sufficient natural light is already available.

Temperature Sensor (Requires a controller like Vera): The temperature sensor of EZMotion can be used to adjust heating and cooling systems to keep the room comfortable. Use it also to monitor areas of concern where conventional thermostats are not installed.

Battery Level: In addition to sensing motion, light and temperature, the EZMotion also monitors its own battery condition. Use this feature with Vera to trigger email, phone or text to speech alerts if the battery drops below a certain (user definable) point.

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